Defcon Technologies was established in 1999 and headquartered in Canberra since 2012. We are a leading supplier, contractor and prime vendor of specialized products, systems and services. Consequently, we are able to supply to federal and state government agencies and prime system integrators.

Our strategy is to enhance and support advanced capabilities based on emerging technologies from some of the world’s leading innovators. Many of which have contributed to high-profile military and law enforcement operations around the world.

defcon technologiesWe do this by managing close working partnerships with our strategic supply partners, customers and other key stakeholders. Furthermore, this has enabled us to adopt, introduce and support technologies and products that have already been ‘combat-proven’ by NATO and ABCA governments.

Our customers include all Australian federal and state government agencies tasked with ‘front-line’ responsibility for:

  • Defence & National Security
  • Special Operations & Counter-Terrorism
  • Immigration & Border Protection
  • Law Enforcement & Internal Security

With the uncertainty both at home and abroad, the company has grown rapidly as our customers enhance their technological capabilities and boost their operational resources. As a result of this, we have a diverse portfolio of world-leading niche products with applications in all the above areas.

The acquisition of Sydney-based Pacific Dynamics in 2006 certainly brought a diversification into aviation ground support equipment. This Includes training/simulation and specialized lighting which enhanced our capabilities and expanded our presence in the civil aviation and aerospace sectors.

“Company founder Nick Stokes’ long-standing interest in fractal geometry led him to choose the Mandelbrot Set as the company logo in 1999. The late Benoit Mandelbrot’s graphical representation of fractal curves provided a visual insight into the fascinating world of infinitely recursive fractal geometry that manifests itself throughout nature and our physical world. The concept of something that can be both ‘finite but unbounded’ has generated curiosity and inspired research in disparate fields for generations. Nick believed that it could also represent the idea of the endless and unrelenting pursuit of excellence in the search for capability gaps and their fulfilment with the very best technological solutions available anywhere in the world”

With acknowledgement to the Wikipedia entry for the Mandelbrot Set:

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