Ease of use

Roger Covert C has been designed to be as simple to use as possible. Setup takes moments, and requires no technical knowledge. Connections between components such as earpiece and phone are seamless. And Roger Remote C can be used even out of sight in a pocket.


Roger Covert C is completely immune to electromagnetic interference, and won’t interfere with any other systems operating on similar frequencies. The system’s 128-bit AES encryption guarantees secure transmissions.


Roger Earpiece C is almost invisible in the ear canal. The main Roger Covert C unit and remote control are small enough to disappear under clothes or in a pocket. And without a neckloop to worry about, operatives can blend in even more easily.


We designed Roger Covert C to capture speech for maximum understanding and intelligibility even in the noisiest environments such as sporting events or railway stations. And with connections to both a radio and mobile phone, the Roger Covert Dual C option offers ultimate flexibility.

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Enjoying loop-free operation, Roger Covert provides more comfort, freedom of movement and reduced risk of compromise, enabling lighter clothing and closer target proximity.

Roger Covert’s advanced audio processing and adaptive frequency hopping is coupled to 128-bit AES encryption to deliver interference-free, interception-proof audio transmission with the highest intelligibility currently available.

Two variants of the Roger Covert are available:

  • Bluetooth Only – with support for various PTToC applications and Bluetooth radio dongles.
  • Wired Radio and Bluetooth – Provides the flexibility of a detachable radio lead available in common radio connectors, with the benefits of built-in Bluetooth, effectively becoming a dual channel device.

Device / Application Support

The Roger Covert is compatible on the following common devices seen in the ANZ market:

  • Motorola APX Radios (Wired, via direct BT Wireless & Pryme BT Dongle)
  • Motorola Wave and PTX applications (Android and iOS*)
  • Motorola Lex11 
  • I/COM
  • L3Harris (Radio and BeON) 
  • Zello

Further supported applications / radios are available, please talk to us to further discuss your requirements.

The Roger Earpiece is a masterpiece of miniaturized technology. It offers best-in-class secure audio reception on 2.4 GHz with AES-128 encryption.

The transmission is secured with an AES 128 bit encryption where the code is exchanged at the time of (the manual) synchronization. The robust Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is the algorithm trusted as the standard by the U.S. Government and numerous organizations.

Discreetness and a comfortable fit within the ear canal are guaranteed, thanks to its ergonomic design. It can recognize both personal and car networks as selected via the Roger Remote, and has 12 hours of autonomous operation.

Expect 10+ hours continuous operation on a standard size 10/1.45V battery.

The Phonak Roger CarKit  is a unique, state-of-the art, wireless transmitter developed for covert operations in vehicles.

The Roger CarKit is able to broadcast from two different audio sources (i.e. radio and GSM). If communication comes through both sources at the same time, they will be mixed together.

The Roger Carkit C transmits a digital and AES 128-bits bit encrypted audio signal either directly to a Roger Earpiece  or a Profilo WL-Kit DM.

The Minimic 11 is available for purchase in lengths of:

  • 20cm
  • 50cm
  • 75cm

Roger Remote offers discreet, neutral, push-to-talk (PTT) functionality using touch technology that avoids unwanted triggering.

Besides PTT functionality, the operative can mute and adjust the volume of the Roger Earpiece, accept, end and reject telephone phone calls, send covert ‘beep’ signals to the network, and switch between personal and car systems.

The Roger Remote Dual version (not shown) also allows temporary switching between radio and GSM channels.