Invisio Headset Information

The Invisio X5, S10 and M3 headsets both feature world-class bone conduction microphone technology in the nominal operation of voice transmission.

For the bone conduction microphones and headsets to function to their full capability, the two golden rules must be followed:

1. Headset Must Be Fitted/Sized Correctly (Relevant to X5 / S10 only)

It is crucial that the correct size foam tips are fitted on the headset, and with the individually unique shapes and size of your ear canal, you may require a different size tip in your left and right ear.

We commonly see end-users match the tip size on both sides of their head and quite often this is suitable for the operator. It is important to consider this potential ear size mismatch and consider using an ear sizing tool (available from Defcon) to ensure the correct size is worn.

By using the correct size tips, you may see increased levels of wearer comfort and achieve a better ear canal seal for, optimum hear protection

2. Headset Must Be Inserted/Seated Correctly

For the maximum performance of the bone conduction microphone, the headsets must be correctly inserted and seated in the user’s ears. Failure to have the headset correctly seated and even partially seated will degrade microphone performance significantly.

Below is a video on the correct fitting of both headsets, please take the time to watch the video and practice the correct procedure for the insertion of the headset.

User Manuals / Documents

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Please feel free to reach out to your relevant Business Development Manager and/or if you require any additional training support or material.

X5/S10 Dual In-Ear Headset Fitting Guide:


M3/s Single In-Ear Headset Fitting Guide: