Trilobyte™ Gen5 NIR / SWIR Hybrid Helmet Light

Note: Product is not ITAR restricted, but sales are restricted to Defence/Govt customers.

The Trilobyte™  is our latest series of Helmet Lights from Adventure Tactical that apply our innovative solutions to their fullest potential. Designed to maximize usability in high stress situations and contain an array of advanced features and patented technologies, all in a system that is easy to learn and operate.

The Gen5 model features four output wavelengths, Green, White, Near Infrared (NIR) and Short Wave Infrared (SWIR).

  • Advanced Broadcast Group AutoSync synchronized flashing patterns that can be programmed and transmitted between groups of units.
  • Integrated Programming Mode; Mockingbird® Technology allows users to record and playback their own custom light signatures.
  • Overt and Covert functions separated with Dual Polarity Program Switching®
  • Advanced Laser Detect mode with feedback available in all featured wavelenghts (Green, White, NIR, SWIR).
  • Positive vibrating feedback for tactile switch position indication.
  • Securely fastens to hook / loop surfaces with a snag-resistant, ergonomic design.
  • Output intensity can be adjusted within 5 levels.