Defcon Technologies to Supply Combat Hearing Protection technology to Rheinmetall for Lynx under Land 400 Phase 3.

Defcon Technologies Group is proud to have been selected to supply, integrate and support the latest generation of INVISIO Combat Hearing Protection technology to Rheinmetall Defence Australia as part of the LYNX IFV Intercom System in their bid for Army’s LAND 400 Phase 3 Infantry Fighting Vehicle Program.

Nick Stokes, Defcon’s Managing Director, provides some background:

“Operationally, the LYNX is likely quieter than the vehicle it will replace, so continuous engine and road noise will not present the same challenges to hearing and communicating as in the past. However, impulse noise from large-caliber weapons has replaced continuous noise as the main threat to soldiers’ hearing and is harder to mitigate.”

“The degraded Aural Situational Awareness (ASA) that exists in the confines of all combat vehicles adds more complexity to what is already a hazardous acoustic environment and creates multiple challenges for mounted infantry who need to hear, communicate and function under stressful combat conditions.”

“Defcon Technologies has forged close links with some of the world’s leading innovators and our long partnership with INVISIO is a good example. We have actively promoted hearing protection to the ADF and have provided our close combatants with world-class tactical communications and enhanced hearing protection solutions for over 20 years.”

“We look forward to strengthening our relationship with RDA by supporting Team LYNX as they establish their Systems Integration Lab. In the longer term, we look forward to providing our mounted infantry with the enhanced hearing protection, audio communications and aural situational awareness capabilities that our dismounted combatants have enjoyed via Land 125 Phase 3B Survivability – Combat Hearing Protection since 2016.”

Defcon Technologies is an established Defence supplier/contractor specializing in tactical communications and related technologies for Defence, Law Enforcement and Government Security. It has been providing Combat Hearing Protection and related capability to the ADF for nearly 20 years.

Rheinmetall will deliver three LYNX vehicles to compete in Risk Mitigation Activity trials conducted in Australia from November 2020. The extensive testing regime, considered world leading, will put vehicles through a range of trials including lethality, mobility and blast tests.

If successful, the LYNX fleet will be manufactured in Queensland at Rheinmetall’s new Military Vehicle Centre of Excellence at Redbank south west of Brisbane. The signing of the Hungarian Armed Forces as the first LYNX customer also means Australian SME’s will see future potential export opportunities for Australia.

Defcon Technologies is an established Defence supplier and contractor specializing in tactical C3I and related technologies for Defence, Law Enforcement and Government Security.

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